Tree to Excel template for Excel

This article aims to explain how to convert a mindmap from hierarchy form to an Excel table.

Inheritance Tracker template for Excel

Inheritance Tracker is an Excel template for observing how attributes of one item might inherit throughout all of its sub-items in any given hierarchy.

Excel to Tree template for Excel

Excel to Tree is a template for representing parent-child node lists as mind maps. It can be applied to structures like reporting lines, organisation charts and more.

Text to Rows add-in for Excel

Text to Rows is a handy add-in for Excel that lets you split a cell into multiple rows. It works like Text to Columns, only the other way!

Measure Worker data load progress using Workday itself

What if you could use Workday itself to measure the progress of your Implementation Team? Well you can. Read this post to find out how.

My ‘go bag’ breakdown

As a travelling consultant, I have learned to put together a travel bag that lets me work from anywhere. This post breaks down what I keep in my bag for the benefit of mobile workers who are just starting out.

How Workday manages China’s Hukou information

Hukou information is an often-misundertood area within Workday. This article aims to contextualise and supplement Workday-provided documentation on Hukou.

Must-install applications and settings for new Windows machines

This is the list of applications and settings you should apply to your computer when you're starting from scratch. This is how I set up my computer.