A running list of helpful diagrams, thinking frameworks, and intriguing concepts (2020)

A running list of helpful diagrams, thinking frameworks, and intriguing concepts (2020)


This article is a short-hand collection of helpful diagrams, frameworks, and intruiging concepts that I've picked up in my travels.


  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Feelings Wheel - More easily name how you are feeling, as the first step in your recognising your emotional state and needs


  • Logic
    • SCQA (Situation Complication Question Answer) - Improve your logic and communication with structured problem solving
  • Second Brain
    • PARA (Projects Areas Resources Archives) - Reduce mental load by using the same file hierarchy across all of your applications and platforms
    • CODE (Collect Organise Distill Express) - Streamline how you consume content so it is better directed toward your projects
  • Coaching
    • GROW (Goal Reality Options Will) - Give structure to coaching conversations so your counselling is meaningful
    • Skill vs Will - Plan better support for your direct reports by identifying the root cause of under-performance
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) - Increase your empathy by understanding some basic personality styles
    • Business Chemistry - Get better work outcomes by adapting your working style to those around you
    • Technical CV Writing (Results Numbers Method) - Write better CVs by focusing on the successful outcome
    • Emotional First-Aid, DEPTHS (Distract Echo Pep-Talk Hush Solve) - Improve how you comfort friends when they need emotional support, by learning the different styles of support you can provide
  • Money
    • Cashflow Quadrant - Increase your income by specialising, creating systems, and investing in assets
  • Experience and Process Design
    • 5Es (Entice Enter Engage Exit Extend) - Improve your customer’s journey by empathising with their experience at each stage of a designed process


  • Skills Marketplace - Connect team members with eachothers needs and skills to foster collaboration and knowledge connections