Personal Productivity Stack

Work Tools

Remote Calls

  • MsTeams / Zoom (work chat)
  • WebcamCircle (for giving professional presentations)
  • Krisp / Noise Blocker (for filtering background noise from your calls)
  • Chrome (web browsing specifically for editing Workday)
    • Autofil (to auto log me into Workday and keep me logged in)
    • SessionBox (to keep multiple active Workday sesions open)
    • Tab Modifier (to relabel and colour-code the Workday tabs)
    • Tile Tab WE (to compare two Workday pages side-by-side)
    • KeepPassXC (to auto-fill passwords)


  • Trello (to collect 'someday' ideas that don't have deadlines)
  • Google Calendar (to store routines and reminders, nothing adhoc goes in here)
  • Pinboard (my read later, and public bookmarks)