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My family photo management solution

A quick summary of how I’m currently managing our family photos.

My Objectives

What I wanted:

Let's us choose which photos are backed-up to a shared family photo library we can both access

Lets us favourite photos on any device

Renames files to preserve the date taken in the filename itself

Identifies and removes duplicate photos

Without any reduction in the quality of the photos

As cheap or free as possible

What I did not want:

❌ Duplicate photos

The Solution

Where do we want to show these photos?

Who’s done this before?

What tools are already available?

As a picture

Current solution



  1. Set iPhone to Settings > Camera > Formats > Most Compatible = Yes
  2. Take photos on our phones (iPhone/Android)
  3. Use SlideBox to sort photos into folders on our phones either:
  1. For Cain's iPhone:
  1. Convert all iPhone HEIC photos to JPG
  2. Rename all photos to follow YYYY-MM-DD format and use Apple Shortcuts to upload to Dropbox
  3. Apple Shortcut is configured to not replace any existing files
  4. Same-named files will be renamed YYYY-MM-DD (1) and so on to avoid overwriting